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MYSQL auth with apache .htaccess

MySQL authentication provides a more flexible and powerful system than Basic or Digest authentication. All the username's and passwords can be in database which provides capability to standardize among all web servers. Module: mod_auth_mysql Configure following parameters at .htaccess file AuthType: This need to be Basic. AuthName: This is the name (realm) you want to give to your password protected site. Auth_MYSQLhost: Your MySQL database hostname. Auth_MYSQLusername: Your MySQL database username. Auth_MYSQLpassword: Your MySQL database password. Auth_MYSQLdatabase: This is your database with the member's info. Auth_MYSQLpwd_table: The members info table containing (Apache username/password). Auth_MYSQLuid_field: The username field. Auth_MYSQLpwd_field: The password field. Auth_MYSQL_EncryptedPasswords: Are the password MySQL encrypt. [onoff]. require valid-user Ref: