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How to resize VM disk size

This note provides steps to resize the KVM based VM images. In this situation, VM disk is raw format and filesystem is ext4. Expand disk size In order to expand disk size, VM must be shutdown Increase raw disk size qemu-img resize vm-1.img +10G Resize partition virt-rescue -a vm-1.img At rescue environment ><rescue> fdisk /dev/sdx Use normal fdisk command to delete partition and re-create the partition with bigger size. For this case, I would like to expand /dev/sda3 to have additional 10G ><rescue> fdisk /dev/sda d (select 3 to delete parition sda3) n (create new partition) select as primary select default start and end w (save the changes and exit from fdisk menu) ><rescue> e2fsck -f /dev/sda3 ><rescue> resize2fs /dev/sda3 ><rescue> sync ><rescue> exit I selected default start and end of disk because I want to use the rest of disk spac