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OpenVZ operation commands

This note includes useful commands to adjust guest OS resources allocation at OpenVZ environment. Monitor kmemsize usages cat /proc/user_beancounters Version: 2.5 uid resource held maxheld barrier limit failcnt vm01: kmemsize 836919 1005343 2752512 2936012 0 May increase the barrier and limit vzctl set vm01 --kmemsize [barrier in number]:[limit in number] --save Validate config vzcfgvalidate /etc/vz/conf/vm01.conf Monitor Disk usage vzquota stat vm01 resource usage softlimit hardlimit grace 1k-blocks 327664 1048576 1153434 inodes 18857 200000 220000 Increase diskspace vzctl set vm01 --diskspace 20G:25G --save Increase double of inodes vzctl set vm01 --diskinodes $(( 200000*2 )):$(( 220000*2 )) --save Set CPU allocation vzctl set vm01 --cpuunits 1000 --save vzctl set vm02 --cpuunits 1000 --save vzctl set vm03 --cpuunits 200